Our Medical Services


Urgent Care from a Texas Walk-in Clinic

We can Provide Treatment for Different Ailments

We take care of a wide variety of conditions and ailments such as high fevers, sore throats, allergies, infectious diseases, the common cold, urinary tract infections, insect bites, and much more.

High Blood Sugar or Blood Pressure

Do you have hypertension or diabetes? If you are having trouble with your condition, we’ll run diagnostics like an EKG or get you checked out through laboratory tests. Through this, we can help you decide if you need a medication adjustment due a spike in blood pressure or sugar.

Wounds and Injuries

Need some stitches? Fractured or sprained your ankle? Whatever you’re experiencing, we’ll patch you right up through casting, splints, and other types of first aid. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that your visit will cost you 75% less than a trip to the emergency room. We can also help treat in-grown toenails and abscesses.

Laboratory Tests

Do you fear that you might be suffering from an unspecified medical condition? Find out for sure by taking a lab test. We can help you determine if you have the strep virus, the flu, mono, or if you’re pregnant. You can also count on us for speedy results for Hemoglobin A1C and CBC.

Why Wells Urgent Care?

Experiencing aches and pains that are not severe enough for the ER? Don’t worry, our urgent care clinic can help. Wells Urgent Care offers fast medical services from Monday to Sunday. No need to set an appointment–simply visit our clinic.

Our trained medical team will treat both adults and children with the utmost professionalism and care possible. Not only are we more budget-friendly when it comes to treatment, but we are also much faster. In short, you don’t have to stand in lines to get medical attention. Just walk in and we’ll treat you immediately. Looking for walk-in clinics that serve the Pasadena and Houston, TX area? That’s us.

Visit Us as Soon as Possible

When you’re hurt, when you have a sprain, when it feels like you’re about to come down with a fever, make sure to visit us immediately. You can contact us for questions or simply go to our clinic.

Patient Reviews

See what our patients have to say about us

  • testimonial 2

    I've been using the Wells Walk - in Clinic for all of my family's medical needs since moving to Houston in '09. Have always been very happy with the care we have received there. That being said, the clinic has new staff, and new changes are being made, some good, some bad.

    Denise Schultz Merck , Wells Urgent Care Doctors & staff

  • testimonial 1

    I was very pleased with my care today. In and out quickly with the appropriate amount of attention to my needs. I am appreciative of the treatment I received as I am already starting to feel better only a few hours later. I will go back if a weekend trip is needed again. Thanks!!!

    Deirdre Jackson, Wells Urgent Care Service